We believe life is best lived in community, so Connection Groups join you to a group of people with the common goal of growing in your faith and, as a result, reaching out to others. 

Whether you are far along on your spiritual journey or just beginning, there's a Connection Group for you. We offer a variety of Connection Groups for teens, young adults, and for adults of all ages.

Our Groups

  • Men's Connection Group

    Robert Schmidt

    The men's CG is led by Bob, an avid softball player and mediocre hunter and fisherman. This CG spends time in open discussion studying God's Word about how to live godly lives and be the leaders God has called us to be!


  • Women's Connection Group

    Lori Schmidt

    Lori leads our women's CG from a heart of a counselor! In this CG you will be challenged to be the women God has created us to be. Don't let Lori's  former CFO position fool you into thinking she doesn't let loose on the dance floor!

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  • Youth Connection Group

    Brennan Dowdy

    For middle and high school students, this CG is for you. This CG is open discussion as we study the Bible. Brennan is the next successor to Batman. He has no weaknesses except a deathly fear of spiders.

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  • Kids' Connection Group

    Joy Bruce

    The kids of Harbor Life are lucky to have military-kid Miss Joy as their CG leader. They play games, learn Bible lessons, and participate in creative crafts. Joy loves kids and is a volunteer tutor during the week.

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  • Young Adult Connection Group

    Jerry Tresca

    This CG for adults 18-30 is led by the former firefighter and possibly ex-mafia (still under review), Jerry Tresca. Join us for real conversations about faith and life in the kitchen!