Second Sundays  -  7:00 pm

HL Fams exist to establish friendships that build each other up in the faith. Whether you've be in a relationship with God for years or days, HL Fams are a fun and easy way to connect with others in your same stage of life and grow in your spiritual walk. HL Fams are designed for your whole family. 

  • The Maxa's

    Jim and Debbie are probably the most active couple you will ever meet. Between throwing parties, going to concerts, and wakeboarding at their summer home, the Maxas love to have fun. They also love a good game night which means you get to eat some of Deb's amazing cooking!


  • The Sak's

    Young Adult Group

    Kevin and Teresa are huge sports fans! In particular, they love the Bucs, Lightning, Gators, and Wolverines. Mexican and Chinese food are definitely their "go to."  They aren't very fond of the beach, but they are serious pool volleyball players!


  • The Bean's

    John and Susie Bean lead our church softball team and love the outdoors. Both former military, they have wild and interesting stories which they love to share! They are also animal lovers (except for their chickens, but they make delicious eggs!) 


  • The Bruce's

    Jon and Joy are party people. They love to host and know how to have a good time. Traveling has become one of their favorite past times! You can find them on a cruise or around a campfire by their RV. WARNING: They love to make jokes!


  • The Schmidt's

    Bob and Lori are both golfers. We'll let you guess which is better! They are avid learners who both like to read and grow. They also love to spend time with people. We dare you to find a moment when these two are without a smile!